Tardini Stadium Regulations

Please take note of the following important regulations:

To access Tardini stadium you must have a regular access pass issued by Parma FC.

The access pass must contain all correct personal data and it cannot be handed over to others.

The requester of the access pass on behalf of press operators, photographers, technical and marketing staff, must have a proper access qualification with the whole complete details.

Public Order Staff only may enter the stadium without the access pass, due to their specific role and task.

Whoever enters the stadium with the properly acquired access pass, acknowledges Parma

FC rights to carry out all the necessary security checks on persons and bags, in order to keep  any illecit material or object outside the stadium and to avoid any possible violent situation.

Parma FC has the right to forbid the access to whoever does not willingly accept the aforesaid checks or behaves improperly. In such cases, the tickets will not be reimbursed.

The spectator must take the seat specifically shown in his access pass.

No change of sector or seat is allowed.

Whoever is found in an area/sector different from his own, will be taken back to his correct seat location. In case of incorrect behavior, he can be sent out of the stadium and no ticket reimbursement will be issued.

All must properly seat without disturbing the neighbor’s view, otherwise they will be directed outside the stadium.

The beginning time and the date of the match will be printed on the access pass; however, changes may occur due to security reasons.

Access to the stadium must take place only on foot through the dedicated gates, unless the Organization decides different methods of access.

Specific pass holders may enter by car, according to the fixed modalities.

The passes must include all the buyer’s personal data. Parma FC will deal with these private information in the respect of the Privacy Law.


Any violation of the afore listed set of rules will cause the withdrawal of the access pass without any refund.

The whole stadium area is under video-system control (as per article 13 for personal data protection – d.lg 30/06/2003 – no.196).


It’s strictly prohibited to carry banners or similar objects into the stadium without a specific authorization, as well as drums and high-sounding devices (such as megaphones).

Banners with the team name are allowed upon submitting a proper request to Parma FC 7 days before the match, with the complete personal data and also quoting:

  • size and material of the banner;
  • subject and graphics by photos;
  • sector where the banner will be set out.

The same procedure must be applied to flags, with the exception of the playing team flag.

It’s prohibited to carry inside the stadium fireworks devices.

It’s prohibited to set up inside the stadium offensive and obscene drawings, phrases, symbols which may arise racial and violent actions.

It’s prohibited any loud chorus or shouting, which can cause strong and dangerous reactions.

It’s prohibited to enter the stadium in a drunken state or under drugs effect.

It’s prohibited to stand in the gateways, the entrances or in the exit corridors.

It’s prohibited to climb up on gates and fencings or any internal structure.


Forbidden behaviours are considered as crimes indictable under Penal Law (as per Law no. 401 dated 13.12.1989 and further amendments), and consequently any further access to sporting events will be denied ( as per Law no. 88 dated 19.04.2003 – D.L. no. 28 dated 24.02.2003 and further amendments).