Parma 19 December 2014 – A new era is coming. The majority shares of Eventi Sportivi Spa, the parent company of Parma FC, were acquired by Dastraso Holdings Limited, based in Cyprus, a Cypriot-Russian group leader in oil extraction. The Chairman, Fabio Giordano, will be in office for three months and the vice chairman will be replaced by one of the shareholders. He will worked with the General Manager Pietro Leonardi. The lawyer of Fabio Giordano who sits next to Pietro Leonardi will make the announcement, at about 7.45 pm, in the press room of the Ennio Tardini Stadium packed with journalists and fans. “Dastraso is the buyer of Parma. I am an international lawyer specialized in merger acquisitions. I thank the president Ghirardi, he sold Parma as a push from the city, and the foreign holding company that met him has the utmost confidence. Many companies are controlled by foreign holding companies: I have seen names circulating in the newspapers and I must say that someone has become a winner. As a lawyer, however, having signed a confidentiality agreement, I cannot disclose the names of the shareholders at this time. But, by early March they will take up the official positions. It is right that everyone has their own ideas but these are the will of the shareholders of reference – concludes the president Giordano – My role will be to be the ‘ferryman’ and the restructuring the club. The holding through its subsidiary has acquired 66.55% of Parma.”

“I shared my ideas with the new owner and this evolution of emotions from May until now has meant that for me there was an incredible desire to get out of this situation” says Pietro Leonardi. “I thank the owners for the trust they have placed in me. Only Fabio Giordano knows how much I wanted this change to happen, for the good of the team and seeing the suffering of this city. It is right that the new president says that I had made myself available in any capacity to resolve this situation. The responsibilities are there, certainly mine too, and I will give my all to the last breath to give back those satisfactions that the fans deserve. Starting with the January transfer market. ”

President Giordano is asked if the new ownership is linked to Taci:

“My law firm takes care of the interests of many international clients and I have followed engineer Taci for many years. He is a person I respect, I hope he will call me and ask me to enter the operation given the interest that has expressed for many years towards the world of football.”

How did interest in Parma arise?

“The interest in Parma is motivated by the fact that it is a beautiful city in the North, the good living room of Italy: In reference to football, the fans are those who love sport”.

Is safety in Serie A the priority?

“No. I would say that the priority is the restructuring of the club. The main payments are very clear, then of course it is in the interest of all the Serie A teams to keep in the league. As for reinforcements and the transfer market, we make use of Leonardi and his instruction. I repeat that my role is to restructure the Parma as a company. In the foreign holding company there are no inexperienced people and they have bought a club to maintain its value”.

At the end of the press conference, President Giordano wanted to personally meet the fans who crowded the conference. President Giordano come with the general manager Leonardi for a meeting with the enthusiastic fans at hospitality room next to press room which lasted about half an hour.