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Parma, 16 May 2010 – At the end of the match against Livorno, coach Francesco Guidolin focuses his press conference on his future: “We close a wonderful season, with a victory that allows us to grab the eighth place in the standings. One thing that has been missing in Parma for some years, there is satisfaction, for an excellent season that today we closed very well with a wonderful party. Today, my adventure at Parma also ends. Of course I am very sorry, but I am calm because I gave everything I had. The club gave me the possibility of working in the best conditions and working in full autonomy. The choice to leave is mine, but there is no point of controversy on my part in this whole affair. I take on my responsibilities.”

Introduction by Parma FC manager Francesco Guidolin:

There were some differences from the professional work point of view, concerning the project around me. And in order not to ruin a memory and a relationship that is still beautiful with this city, which I thank for the warmth it has shown me, I preferred to stop. It’s all here, without poisons and no conspiracy, no deteriorated relationship. Until recently I was thinking one thing about my future, about my project, and society was thinking another. Since I had the possibility to choose I decided to stop. It has nothing to do with being sought by another club. The president, the director and the team have always been close to me. I do not accept that discord is sown where there is none.”

Francesco Guidolin, the director said that there was a meeting where you talked about everything…

“Yes, there was that summit. The club knew that I had had contact with another club. We also had the opportunity to talk about my future and I was quite disappointed because I realized that the club had another type of direction. I gave an ok with love, I thought about it for a week, even though I knew it would be hard to continue . In that week I thought, but nothing happened. I called the president and we also met in Collecchio with Leonardi. I told the club that if I could choose, I would choose to stop. This is the truth. ”

Did you expect an extension of the contract?

“It is not an economic question, it is a question of feeling like an integral part of a group. But this is a feeling that I felt and it does not necessarily mean that it is right. If my club has a different idea about choosing a technical guide, it is not I can do more than respect it. That’s all. I was asked to take my responsibilities, because the decision is mine and nobody would have kicked me out. Nobody pushed me to leave, it was my choice. ”

Earlier you said that Parma is a foreign place as far as it is, will you go to another quiet place?

“Wherever I’ll go there are many similarities, but I’ll stop here and say nothing else.”

Did the nine winless games have no influence in the slightest?

“No, it was a later thing.”

When did you first think of leaving Parma?

“A month ago, a month and a half ago. At that time I felt the support of my club, but we had to meet to plan the future. It was when we planned the future, and at the same time I was contacted by another club, that I understood that, even if my managers would have confirmed me, it was better to change the air. It was coincidental, but not due to the contact. With my representative, we were convinced that they would have bet on us, but when I realized that it was not so, or it was like that up to a certain point, I thought that even without proposals, I would still go to the club to ask for the contract to be terminated. Has to do with a project so short, I would have tried to terminate the contract anyway. ”

So was this a decision made before any other contact with another club?

“I knew that at that time it was time to move from words, which have always been an appreciation for me, to add concrete facts. Contact doesn’t count.”

You are the coach with the most used players from the benches in Serie A, do you think that such an experience should lead to a role that is not that of a simple coach? In this sense, do you speak of a project, of a broader role?

“No, there is a very good director and there is a very good president. Among other things, they have a feeling that works great. I absolutely do not want to enter their field. But I thought that Parma wanted to deal with me the steps for to be able to fight for other goals in the future. But this is my thought and it is legitimate for society to have another one. ”

You spoke of peaceful relationships, how then do you explain the statements by Leonardi and Ghirardi of these last hours?

“There is a need for the team to explain. And I give the explanation. They asked me to take my responsibilities and I take them. The decision is mine. I heard Leonardi’s press conference, but he doesn’t have it with me. It is not easy to explain to people why a coach who has done so well goes away. But I will explain to people. Peoples will not forget me and this is the best thing I take away from Parma. This is not the case for those who are not free, because they are conditioned in their judgments. ”

You have always talked about loyalty, but do you feel loyal to an audience like that of Parma who applauded you until the last minute?

“Great, I don’t understand your question.”

It seems to me that he has betrayed the public…

“I have not betrayed anyone.”

But he doesn’t say anything specific, I didn’t understand his choice…

“It’s my professional choice, I chose it. I realized that the project around me was reaching a certain point. They appreciate, there is a good feeling and I believe in me as a coach and as a man. But up to a certain point. This is where everything is completely normal. They think there could be a better coach than me.”

If you had been offered an extension of the contract, would you have stayed?

“Yes. If there had been a long-term project with which to have a chance to improve I would have been a fool to refuse.”

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