Parma Calcio 1913 (Society of Amateur Sports) reflects the heritage of a long line of major soccer clubs that have represented our city and our territory for over a century on the sporting fields of Italy and of Europe, from the peripheral areas to the metropolitan areas.

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This team descends from the seed of the Verdi Football Club, which lasted three months from July to September 1913. It was created exclusively to celebrate the centennial of the birth of the composer Giuseppe Verdi, a son of Parma, but blossomed into the Parma Football Club, represented by the crusader cross (black cross on a white background) on December 16, 1913. The team then followed the next decades under a variety of different names and ownerships (Parma Associazione Sportiva, Parma Football Club, Associazione Calcio Parmense, Parma Associazione Calcio, and Parma Football Club S.p.A).


Parma Calcio 1913, after the corporate bankruptcy of the last professional experience of Parma FC S.p.A, started again in the National Amateur League, when the first team began participating in the Serie D league in 2015-2016.

The youth and female sectors of the team have also both been revived. There is a women’s team in Serie C, and six different youth squads: Juniores, Allievi, two of the Giovanissimi, Esordienti, and the Pulcini.

The team’s newest initiative is to earn back the respect and the honor that a team with eight national and continental trophies deserves (3 Coppa Italia titles, 2 Coppa UEFA titles, 1 Coppa delle Coppe title, 1 Supercoppa Italiana title, e 1 Supercoppa Europea title), as well as to display the decency and the style of the city of Parma and its fans. .